Company Overview

We work with our solution partners with a focus on trust.

As Birtech Information Technologies, we have 30 years of experience in the Electronics and Information Technologies sector. We have been working on R&D and product development for 20 years in the instant control and remote monitoring of physical, environmental and electrical environmental conditions of all kinds of institutionally valuable environments.

We offer a wide range of ready-made solutions in different configurations and models under the brands of BirSens as hardware and Sensaway as software. We are constantly trying to produce new solutions by using the developing technologies in line with the demands of our customers, and we continue our R&D activities in this direction.

We provide services and solutions to customers at every stage, starting from pre-sales needs analysis, commissioning and optimizing the most appropriate solution in terms of needs and costs, providing efficient use trainings, and providing fast and reliable after-sales support.

We keep it in our vision to reach new solution partners and customers by working with our solution partners with a focus on trust and taking meeting the needs of our current customers as the primary mission.